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MIC Arts and Science College

MIC Arts and Science College


CM Usthad Scholarship

We offer fee waivers ranging from 25% to 100% based on a combination of financial need and academic merit for students.

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Placement Cell

The Placement Cell provides intensive training, workshops, and seminars to support students in finding job opportunities.

Alumni Cell

The Alumni Cell assists alumni in maintaining connections with campus events, with the aim of creating a valuable professional support network.

Higher Education Cell

Our Higher Education Cell provides students with resources,and information to help them achieve their higher education goals.

About MIC

The Malabar Islamic Complex have successfully completed 28 golden  years in the field of social and religious education. Over fifteen institutions are working under the complex which is situated at Mahinabad, Chattanchal of Kasaragod district.  The institutions working under the complex are wholeheartedly by the people.

There was a time when the conditions and the teaching facilities of religious institution were facing decay which worse a need of a institution which will uplift the religious studies along with moral, Scientific, mathematical and logical reasonings....

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Our Course

Our Story

MIC Arts and Science College was founded by the visionary Qazi CM Abdulla Moulavi, a prominent figure within North Malabar. As one of the 20 institutions under the Malabar Islamic Complex, our college is dedicated to expanding educational opportunities for the Muslim community in Northern Kerala.

Our mission is to bridge educational disparities and empower marginalized Muslim individuals, transforming them into catalysts for positive societal change. To date, over 4,000 graduates have emerged from our institution, actively contributing to global communities. We continue to nurture future leaders committed to progress and social impact.

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